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How do I speak to someone at Etihad

How do I change my flight on Delta Airlines?

If you have booked an Delta Airlines flight and want to change it due to some emergency, then you can simply do this through the Delta Airlines 24-hour flight change facility. The airline allows customers to change their tickets online.+1-855-526-0187
Steps to change your Delta Airlines flight+1-855-526-0187

Under Delta Airlines’ flight change policy, you can make changes within 24 hours with a full refund. If you want to change the Delta Airlines flight, then you have to follow the important steps which are as follows:+1-855-526-0187

First, you have to enter your name and six-digit record locator on or access your flight by logging into your Delta account.+1-855-526-0187

Navigate to the change trip section after selecting the flight to change and follow the prompts to select a new flight.+1-855-526-0187

Of course, if you want to change your Delta Airlines award flight, then you can do this through the reservations department.+1-855-526-0187

Delta Airlines Same-Day Flight Change Policy

Under the same-day flight change policy, your original flight must depart on the same day, to and from the same airports.+1-855-526-0187

As your original flight, it must have the same number of stops at the same airport and must be operated by Delta Airlines.+1-855-526-0187

Same day confirmed changes are dependent on flight selection availability as per policy.

To request a same-day change, go to the travel online or visit the change app. After check-in, you will get a new boarding pass and receipt.+1-855-526-0187

The Delta Airlines seat change policy

If you want to change your Delta seat, then you have to consider the class of service you purchased, your status with the airline, and whether you purchased first class or business class tickets.+1-855-526-0187

To change your seat, you must visit and enter your name and ticket locator. For those who have purchased regular economy tickets, you can select the seat located in the rear of the aircraft.+1-855-526-0187

For those who have status they can purchase upgrades to a seat in the front or seats that have extra space.+1-855-526-0187

What is the price of changing an Delta Airlines flight?

If the price of changing the domestic Delta Airlines flight is free, you have to pay the fees which are $0-$650 for the international change. If the flights are outside North America or South America, then you have to pay $750.+1-855-526-0187
How to change refundable and non-refundable tickets?

You can change or cancel refundable tickets without paying any fees. To change non-refundable tickets, you have to pay +1-855-526-0187 some fees except the basic economy fare. If you are looking for the best way to change the non-refundable ticket, then you can contact the airline directly.+1-855-526-0187

How do I speak to someone at Etihad